Why is the jewelry luxury brand involved in advanced replica watches

In the circle to be a long time, or you have already entered the table pit can not extricate themselves, there will be a strange idea, a lot of fashion brands, luxury brands, jewelry brands do watch, often dislike, or think they are not Pure, or that poor technology, or brand and tabulation is not the way, in short, is not agree. Give a very simple example, many people do not like the Cartier watch, the main reason is that Cartier Replica jewelry-based, that watch, especially high-level tabulation, the lack of historical heritage and accumulation, despite the self- But still can not really and senior watch the brand compared, but the objective fact is that Cartier watch has a very good sales. This is a strange phenomenon, in fact, in the final analysis, it is not surprising. To see more of the traditional high-level watchmakers, tend to stay on these waiters wait and see attitude, but it is interesting that these brands do not really intend to capture and reverse this psychological.

So, today we want to say is, how to look at fashion, jewelry luxury brand into the advanced tabulation of this thing. I remember not really clear which brand of executives, of course, is a foreigner, then in an interview said: “We do not intend to compete with the traditional watch industry, we made the watch, just because we Of the customer needs “. I think this time, should be able to understand, even if no longer optimistic about these luxury brands cross-border play watch, but they are not Care, the customer’s needs is more critical. This is why the smart watch in 2015 when the outbreak of some of these luxury brands of some restless, are in the development of smart watch launch plan reasons, Montblanc, LV, Bulgari, Tiger TAG Heuer, etc., when the whole trend in the Toward the smart watch, there are spending power of customers, of course, need a different and ordinary smart watch watch, in addition to the function is very convenient, but also need to grade, this is the customer’s needs, whether you can meet them The

Each luxury brand, has its own cultural core, the kernel is to allow customers to continue to choose the reasons for the brand, and when the customer recognized the brand, he will be able to make part of their own life, are preferred to choose the brand. We all know that Tiger TAG Heuer is a watch brand, but when you casually into a Tiger TAG Heuer store, you will find Tiger TAG Heuer more than watch, as well as eyes, hats, gloves, etc. Tell you, Tiger TAG Heuer is a kind of lifestyle. This is what I think the luxury brand is very interesting and also extremely important point, it is different from other so-called good brand, because it provides more advice than the product itself.

In fact, the vast majority of their own luxury brand has a strong luxury, have never been to do something, which is not the same as the luxury car brand. Into the LV’s flagship store, you can feel the LV world and other brands of different, in addition to its classic handbags, senior clothing, footwear, travel goods, there are many fashion accessories, perfume, watch, etc., it wants Contract your taste, from the smell to the temperament, as well as the gas field. Hermes made leather goods started, but today’s Hermes, not only leather goods, it also has perfume, scarves, garments, and luxury replica watches and so on. And these fashion good things together, is the brand culture, brand culture and style, if you just directed at its fame, then you spend money, a large part is wasted, only when you walk into Luxury in the world, it really realized that it is now the reason for this, you have the money to have the meaning of money. We know that Hermes leather is very good, in addition to carefully selected raw materials, there is the use of Hermes traditional process of the saddle needle method, as well as by the world’s top designers to provide a unique design. Dior compared to these luxury brands, it is more good at making friends, but also do accessories and watches. Montblanc leather and writing tools started, and today it is also the production of high-level watch, which is very important point is that the business elite for the pursuit of simple and elegant.

Here is very similar to the present, some watch brand, not just watch, Omega has its own jewelry design, the count has always been jewelry and watch double into the same, Chopin the same way. When you buy Omega jewelry, I guess those who know jewelry, will think of so many professional jewelry brand you do not choose, how to choose a watch to do the main brand, will be confused, the same , The reason is very simple, like Omega, recognized Omega.

But we also need to know that the luxury brand has never been blindly attack, because the tone of their own brand is clear, so they need to do is how to design and tabulation together. Advanced tabulation is very focused, is very fine workmanship, as well as a unique way of presenting time, with this foundation, it needs to be concerned about as a commodity, it should have quality and aftermarket. For now, we see very interesting point is that many luxury brands have begun to invest in the establishment of their own watch factory, or the acquisition of other watch factory, Hermes has Vaucher movement factory 1/4 shares, Cartier Replica Watches has its own Watch factory, Van Cleef & Arpels in my impression is also building their own watch factory, Montblanc has two watch factory. In fact, we should be able to think that the traditional is important, but in Switzerland, such a small country, tabulation is also so rich and concentrated, want to invest in watch factory production of cheap replica watches and clocks, for the rich luxury brand, not so Difficult things, not to mention their behind, often a luxury group, the group itself will have a strong senior tabulation resources, technology sharing is often the thing, so in fact these brands of advanced tabulation, no imagination Then “not high”, they sometimes quite cow.
In fact, said so much, just want to express my own for these fashion, jewelry luxury brand production of a high-level watch a point of view, that is, we can still like the traditional watchmaking, but do not rush to deny these veteran luxury brand cross-border For, they do not have the traditional burden, but sometimes do more exciting. In fact, every year to see GPHG, always see some do not know the brand to do some very interesting table, although these tables we do not necessarily buy, see, but they are interesting like, we know just fine.

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