Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Cartier Replica Tank

A whole century ago, Cartier Tank series with the development of the aviation industry came into being. Today, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Tank series, the brand launched a variety of commemorative timepieces, including six new Tank Louis Cartier Replica, the most basic modern Tank watch, divided into diamonds and non-diamonds models, Rose gold and platinum models, as well as different sizes.

First of all, a pair of non-diamond watch, is also the most noteworthy style. Men and women salty, size and shape perfect for any occasion. This is a two rose gold watch, one of which is slightly smaller (29.5mm x 22mm x 6.8mm), the other slightly larger size (33.7mm x 25.5mm x 6.6mm), are the classic configuration. Silver-plated dial decorated blue steel time pointer and traditional Roman numerals, and with a mosaic convex sapphire crown, equipped with Caliber 8971 MC self-winding manual movement. Small size models priced at $ 9,150, large size models priced at $ 11,500.

Followed by a pair of large-size watch, respectively, rose gold and platinum style, the two rows of bright cut diamonds. In addition, different from the first two watch crown inlaid convex round sapphire, these two awatch crown inlaid diamonds, fit consistent. On the diamond watch, these two luxury replica watches are very low-key and traditional. The rose gold is priced at $ 19,500 and the platinum is priced at $ 20,800.

The last two new Tank Louis Cartier replica watches, in addition to the smaller size, the other with the two wrist no different. Is still inlaid two rows of bright cut diamonds, is still the classic tank shape. More importantly, the last two watches equipped with Caliber 8971 MC homemade manual winding movement, rather than quartz movement. It is reported that the rose gold price of 15,500 US dollars, platinum models priced at 16,000 US dollars.

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