Cartier Replica key series platinum watch

Cartier Replica has been praised by the British King Edward VII as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor”, 170 years of long history to Cartier has become the world’s jewelry, watch the field leader, brand innovation and innovative ideas and talent design By numerous royal nobles and celebrities Ascendant respected and loved. Cartier replica watches with a high degree of recognition, in particular, its key series “abalone shell” -like case with a square crown, people can recognize at a glance, today we look at this series of a platinum men’s watch The (Watch model: WGCL0005)

Cartier key series watch
Cartier’s key series of luxury replica watches smooth curve, simple lines, because it is the way the chain is like a key to turn the name. The overall shape of this table is elegant, is a simple pure three-pin watch.

White case
Watch the diameter of 40 mm, the thickness of 11.76 mm, for men, the size of the control just right. 18K white gold case after polishing polished more smooth and full of metallic luster, the side of the design is very layered.

Simple dial
Dial on the center of the silver-white round dial using a fine twist pattern, the outer edge of the elegant atmosphere of the Roman numerals, six o’clock position with a date display window. Dark blue sword-shaped blue steel trumpet makes the reading simple and clear, the case of sapphire crystal glass watch to give the watch the best protection.

Inlaid gemstone crown
Side of the unique personality of the square crown is very convenient to use, the crown is also inlaid with a blue spinel, looks dark mysterious. Watch on the chain when the crown rotation like a key rotation, Smart and interesting.

Lug lines smooth
Lens conforms to the design of the case presents a very natural arc, and the case together into one, the connection is very smooth, is conducive to the cheap replica watches and wrist fit.

Strap and clasp
Classic black strap made of crocodile skin, the edge of the suture with a black suture, tailored properly, the details of the treatment is perfect, leather strap wear is also quite comfortable. Strap with platinum material folding buckle connection, black belt and silver buckle with a reasonable feeling of refined.

Back through the movement
Watch carrying 1847 MC movement, the back is back through the table, you can enjoy the operation of the internal movement. The bottom of the table with screws fixed on the case above the outer edge of the metal material, the central same as sapphire crystal glass mirror.

Watch the overall display
Summary: Cartier’s table as an elegant and simple men’s replica watches, you can set off a mature men’s temperament, suitable for any social occasions. And Cartier’s key series simple but not simple, unique shape design is also very easy to make you the focus of the crowd, in my opinion is very worthy of the bag.

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