Halloween can wear luxury replica watches

Halloween, although in the true sense is a ghost, but foreigners will play, abruptly put this if in China will become a very solemn and even some people are afraid of the festival, into a national carnival, which But also by their different ideas of life come. Gradually, the domestic also popular from the Halloween, especially in the first-tier cities, how people will let such a rare carnival night, people can dressed in decent, ghost makeup, into the Halloween Party. From the accessories point of view, the rich people Halloween, what are the extravagant Trolltech cheap replica watches, to the town of it?

Cartier Creative Gem Watch Series HPI00609
Product Type: HPI00609
Domestic price: ¥ 1310000
Movement type: quartz
Case material: 18k white gold diamond
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Comments: Cartier replica creative gem watch, the “royal jeweler”, with very luxurious materials, do this very chic watch. First of all, in the eyes of the designer, the watch from the mood, joined the snake wrapped around the situation, it uses platinum and a lot of diamonds inlaid, and then add a variety of Choi Po, so that the watch as a secret land. Secondly, more interesting is that the snake on the watch can be taken down as a brooch. Snakes in different cultures in the symbolic meaning of different, there are evil charm, deterrent, there are mysterious, there are terror, in short, in Halloween, with a snake to express their queen demeanor, it is clever.

Chopard ANIMAL WORLD Series 139307-5001
Product Type: 139307-5001
Domestic price: ¥ 2640000
Movement type: quartz
Case material: 18k gold
Watch Comments: Of course, not all the female rich, want to become a queen as “unreasonable”, there are very playful, this Chopard Animal World watch, the choice of nature is very cute and interesting owl as a design Blueprint, huge two eyes, sprout the public heart. Of course, as a high-level jewelry watch, it is derived from the natural design itself has been fascinated by people, and a large number of diamonds and ladder ruby ​​mosaic, so that this watch more sensitive. Owls actually represent a mysterious and magical, in many Western magic IP, there are owls figure.

Ms. Richard Miller Series RM19-01WG-BLUE BAG
Product Type: RM19-01WG-BLUE BAG
Domestic price: ¥ 6440000
Watch diameter: 46.40 x 38.30 mm
Case thickness: 12.45 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Movement Model: RM 19-01
Case material: 18K white gold
Watch Comments: Of course, mention the rich, of course, easy to think of billionaire club tickets – Richard Mill. This watch is one of the senior jewelry section, the disk design of a spider, we can see the spider huge body, and sharp corners, very ghosts. Case inlaid with a lot of precious stones, faint color to increase its mystery, spiders in many literature and film and television works, have a very strong intention, it’s mysterious, woven on the screen, often on behalf of the death , Also represents the bondage. With spiders to decorate Halloween, can no longer “arrogant” the.

Earl Dragon and Phoenix Series G0A36577
Product Type: G0A36577
Domestic price: ¥ 1811800
Movement Model: Cal.600P
Case Material: 18k rose gold diamond
Watch Comments: Earl Dragon and Phoenix Tourbillon watch, the real king of arrogance. Although Halloween is a Halloween, but in the face of a public demons and ghosts, I hold the scepter, dragon and phoenix body care, can simply deter P Plus, the pressure of the audience. All the little devil or not easily close, or hurt the face can be bad. Of course, such a luxury replica watches, simply said that the town of treasures, can not easily come out.
Summary: say “poverty limits my imagination”, this time I wanted to play under the imagination, courage to recommend to the rich a few Halloween hard goods, so that you walk in front of the Quartet Quartet.

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