Cartier Puma and Complex Technology Timepieces 1

In the world of Cartier, the Puma is the most beautiful animal, for many years has always been inspired by its endless stream; contains the test time to master the Ronde Louis Cartier fire gold watch, as well as lively Panthère Joueuse puma Watch. The Panthère de Cartier series of watches, it is inherited since 1983, the classic design, small, unique; in the light and shadow changes, so that the puma into the watch. Through these timepieces works, Cartier giant extravagantly depict the beauty of nature; the same time, also brought together the wisdom of senior watchmaking team to show the most stunning fans of the artificial skills.

When the leopard hides in time
Panthère de Cartier replica watches was born in 1983, despite the name of the Puma, but not directly to the leopard body figurative, but to metal chain in the light of the light and shade contrast, showing a situation like Leopard. Using a square case, through the slightly extended lugs and strap tightly connected. Although the exterior design and Santos de Cartier series watches are very similar to its multi-linked metal strap but fully express their own unique; at the beginning of the advent of Cartier’s important works, was Pierce Brosnan (Pierce Brosnan ) And other celebrities to wear, until the 2000 fade out of the market.

Finally, in this year’s SIHH table show, Cartier Replica only let this has been the beginning of the series re-debut. Look at the new Panthère de Cartier watch, will find all the design are exactly the same with the original watch; including case shape, chain belt, inlaid gem with octagonal crown, bezel on the 8 screws and the Roman numerals And track scale; and hidden in the “X” 10 o’clock in the marked “CARTIER” words are also fully retained. Using 18K gold, platinum, rose gold and other precious metal materials, or with stainless steel with two-color texture; another set of diamonds or prices close to the people of stainless steel models, to reproduce the past style of Panthère de Cartier watch.
Panthère de Cartier Jaguar series watch sapphire / diamond mosaic crown, table diameter 27 x 27 mm (medium type), hour, minute display, equipped with quartz movement; (1) 18K rose gold and real paint case, dial and (2) 18K white gold and black enamel diamond case, dial and chain belt; (2) 18K white gold and black enamel diamond case, dial and chain belt; 3) 18K gold case and chain belt, and a small section; (4) 18K white gold case and chain belt, diamond bezel, and another small models; (5) stainless steel and 18K gold case and chain There are small models; (6) 18K white gold diamond case and chain belt, and a small section. Another stainless steel medium and small models.

In addition, Cartier also introduced the Puma white leopard striped diamond watch (Figure 2), with sophisticated enamel craft in the cut into the cut diamonds in the description of the puma body unique markings, although man-made, but Quite real. And another collection of rose gold material of the Puma cheap replica watches (Figure 1) is by the real paint texture, in the case, dial and chain to create an irregular leopard. Its black lacquer in the gold contrast, it is obvious, very beautiful; as if the soul of the jaguar into the beauty of the timing works.

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