The Case

Looking at the Cheap Replica Ballon Bleu de Cartier, the graceful arc that steadily protects the grooved crown inevitably shines. However, this elegant and iconic one-piece crown guard is not without its shortcomings. Dust can easily enter the small recesses inside, and this tiny internal space may be difficult to clean.

The blue cabochon is an important and recognizable design feature that is very eye-catching on other Cartier watches, such as Pasha du Cartier or Santos-Dumont. However, once again, Cartier Basketball eventually lowered it. Compared with the two-tone version, the stainless steel model is undoubtedly supreme. The two-tone model has a slightly fancy gold crown in the stainless steel arc.

If you turn the Cartier Replica Watch over and press lightly on a flat surface, you can feel its roundness. Although this model is relatively sturdy in appearance, the water resistance of this watch is only 30 m. However, considering the purpose of everyday luxury watches, it hardly needs more.

Finally, the versatile Ballon Bleu model is available in a variety of case sizes: 28 mm, 33 mm, 36 mm, 37 mm (moon phase), 40 mm and 42 mm. The materials provided include rose gold, stainless steel, gold, platinum or two-tone (gold and steel).

The Dial

This year’s Rotonde de Cartier high-end timepiece or Santos-Dumont series, they not only have a touching historical story, but also have become an unparalleled design icon. Defending the watchmaking department of Swiss Fake Cartier, let’s take a look at the design of the Ballon Bleu dial.

The silver ivory dial has not only the sunburst pattern, but also the guilloche pattern, which can playfully switch between the two patterns. In addition, the dial makes things relatively simple, with large black “Frappé” Roman numerals without apology. This is another unique design by Ballon Bleu de Cartier 1:1 replica watches swiss. In contrast, the retro-looking minute track outlines the central part of the dial while emphasizing the hours.

In the photo, the sword-shaped, polished blue steel hands are proud. However, in real life, unless under bright light, their blue is somewhat illegible because their tone is quite dark.

The Movement

The design of this Perfect Cartier Replica Watch is entirely for simplicity and clarity. Fortunately, it has a movement that matches it. The 36 mm model is equipped with Cartier 076 self-winding movement. The movement is based on ETA 2671, has a diameter of 17.2 mm and integrates 25 jewels.

The movement beats at a perfect frequency of 4 Hz and provides an equally good power reserve of approximately 38 hours. In addition, it also uses Glucydur balance wheel-made of non-magnetic hard copper alloy, can protect the movement from damage to laptops and other equipment.

Finally, the movement’s Etachron fine-tuning system (commonly used in ETA movements) can fine-tune the position of the hairspring. With all this in mind, Expensive Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica offers a high-quality-if not particularly exciting-movement, given that the timepiece at hand is a luxurious Swiss watch at a very reasonable price.

The Bracelet

Personally, I neither like leather straps nor two-tone bracelets. On Ballon Bleu de Cartier, I think there is nothing more suitable than a stainless steel bracelet with screws. The bracelet is made of a mixture of brushed steel and polished steel, which is very suitable for the simple and strong feel of this timepiece.

On the other hand, although the bracelet performs seamlessly aesthetically, it uses a hidden clasp. If you choose Ballon Bleu as one of the first products in your Swiss copy watch collection, you will have to learn how to operate it. For some reason, this button allows me, a person who handles watches every day, to have time to let me know.

Cartier Ballon Bleu: The Verdict

At first glance, Cartier Ballon Bleu Exact replica watches for sale seems to be able to see through at a glance. Of course, it is bold, big, and beautiful. However, if you take a step closer, you will see a harmonious balance between French sophistication and elegance in the Swiss-made timepiece design. The unique style of Cartier watches, whether worn on men’s or women’s wrists, also reminds people that watches originated from jewelry, and celebrate the art of design and aesthetics just like watch science.

Ladies’ (or indeed unisex) watches, such as Ballon Bleu, don’t have to be covered by unimaginative, domineering diamonds to be considered luxurious timepieces. It is undeniable that the movement inside the 36 mm stainless steel blue ball will not break any records anytime soon, but it will not try either. On the contrary, Cartier’s low-key resistance showed us the powerful philosophy of “less is more”-this is a mantra that will never go out of style.

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