The case is made in fully polished 950 platinum and shows the actual and asymmetrical shape of the antique Crash.Both the top and the caseback are curved, meaning that even if the Cartier Crash Skeleton is a tall replica watch, it adapts easily on the wrist.

On paper, it is a rather small looking watch – especially when you consider the 28mm width, a dimension usually found in women’s watches. For sure, this Cartier Crash Skeleton delicate and could easily adorned an elegant lady’s wrist. However, it also perfectly fits on a man, due to the complexity of the case, the movement, to its height and the surprising presence it has once strapped on the wrist.

The Calibre 9618 MC perfectly adjusts the shape of the case – while the original Cartier Crash featured a round movement.Traditional in Cartier watches, the Roman numerals are here melted in the movement to create the dial. Even the upper bridge is curved to follow the lines of the case. All the flat surfaces are straight-brushed and the multiple angles are chamfered and mirror polished.

The Cartier Crash Skeleton is a very unique piece replica that both pays tribute to the rich history of the brand and also exposes the modern and indisputable capacities of this manufacture to create highly interesting movements.

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