Cartier has a keen eye for elegant, original and effortless watch design. Among the many shapes and designs, one of the most iconic replica watches is the Santos, often considered the oldest men’s watch. Over the years, the range has evolved along sportier and bolder lines, and these latest models represent that well.

In addition to the Perpetual series, Cartier also launched a watch inspired by Alberto Santos-Dumont’s flying machine, which was well received. There’s a new pair of Cartier Santos-Dumont XL watches, including this beautiful two-tone watch we’re featuring today.


The Cartier Santos Replica Watch is one of Cartier’s oldest collections and a watch entirely dedicated to men. According to legend, that’s how the first men’s wristwatch was born—that is, it meant a watch designed from the ground up to be worn on the wrist, rather than a modified pocket watch. As such, the Santos is an important watch, not only for Cartier, but for the entire watchmaking industry.

But until 2019, we’re only talking about modern, bigger, sportier watches inspired by the original Santos, not watches with historical accuracy. This will be the mission of another model, Santos-Dumont, a name that refers to the more elegant and historical model in the Cartier book.

The Most Impressive Replica is revived in 2019, first with a quartz movement and a design that pays homage to the 1904 model, including a beaded winding crown and a prominent blue cabochon, and a flatter, less bulky watch than Santos de Cartier shell.

The Most Impressive Cartier Santos-Dumont XL Replica

The Parisian brand has launched two new limited-edition watches based on the Cartier Santos-Dumont XL Fashion Replica Watches. First off, not shown here is the expensive platinum version with a light blue dial. Second, this steel and rose gold model features a new dial design that is easier to use.

The novelty of this new Cartier is the dial. All other features, including the XL case, are the same as the watch we reviewed last year. The XL name can be misleading. In fact, it’s not an XL-sized watch at all. It’s more about compact size and elegance.

At 46.6mm long, it’s about as big as most 38mm round watches, but the case is only 33.9mm wide – admittedly, quite small by modern standards. Nothing wrong here; these small proportions are part of the inherent charm of Santos-Dumont. Thanks to the Piaget manual-winding movement, the case is also thin, measuring just 7.5mm.

The case of the modern Cartier Spectacular Replica Watch is a direct descendant of the original model from 1904, with slender lugs, a beaded winding crown with cabochons and, of course, a spiral-angled bezel. The central case is made of stainless steel with a vertically brushed surface and polished bevels on the sides. The bezel is made of 18k rose gold and fully polished.

While I’m not usually a fan of two-tone watches, steel and gold really work well on the Santos-Dumont XL. It even enhances its personality by highlighting the most unique element of its design: the bezel. It also adds warmth and a pleasing sense of luxury.

Typically, XL models feature a silver or dark grey dial with Roman numerals and a sunburst brushed pattern. The lack of originality and depth of this dial, in my opinion, is the main flaw of the new Santos-Dumont Famous Replica Watches. The new limited edition watch completely changes that by updating most aspects of the dial.

This steel and gold Cartier Santos-Dumont XL is worn on a dark grey alligator strap closed by a pin buckle. It is equipped with a quick release system to change the strap without tools.

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