Santos de Cartier Replica Large Model now with Gradient Blue Dial

Well designed, well equipped, well executed and relatively fair when it comes to the price, Cartier Replica gave this iconic shape a slightly sportier touch and some nice details, such as a clever strap/bracelet system. This model appears in the collection with a new dial.

The new Santos did not undergo a radical design revolution but was given a thorough update, more in line with modern expectations. The Swiss Cartier Replica Watches case, still square-shaped, with 8 screws on the bezel, was slightly reinforced to have more presence. The bracelet, part of the design of the watch, was also better integrated.

Presented in multiple versions, the flagship remains the Large Model with a classic white dial – the model we reviewed here. Deeply Cartier in style, considering the sporty approach, some thought it was a bit too shy and too discreet.

If the case and movement have not changed at all, the new dial adds a relevant touch of colour to this watch.Contrasting with the blue background are silvered Roman numerals and hands. Also, Cartier Swiss Fake Watches had a good idea to feature a black date disc.

One of the main updates of this new Santos de Cartier was the integration of a clever bracelet/strap device. The watches are all delivered with both a bracelet and a leather strap. Swiss Cartier Replica has fitted a quick release button on both the straps and bracelet, meaning that no tool is required to switch. The bracelet also comes with an ingenious system to adjust the length of the bracelet developed by Cartier and known as “SmartLinks”.

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