Privé is the exclusive collection of resurrected Cartier Replica watches from the brand’s extensive history.

The solid dial versions are impressively thin at just 6.38mm. The case materials range between platinum, 18k pink gold and 18k yellow gold. No common man’s steel option in the Fake Privé collection which, in truth, is an absolute shame.

The movement inside is the Cartier Manufacture Caliber 1917MC, a thin, hand-wound caliber that runs at a moderate 3Hz and offers an equally moderate 38 hours of power reserve. In return, it measures just 2.9mm-thick.

For the first time ever, the Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique Replica, and the entire Asymétrique collection, gets a skeletonized version in three executions.

The 30° rotated dial and the consequently skewed movement looks absolutely fascinating, with the balance wheel situated under the Arabic 6 o’clock marker, while the mainspring barrel is in the top right sharp corner of the case. A mind-bending exhibition of Cheap Replica Watch design going off the rails — and watchmaking going with it.

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