It’s such a simple and well-known design, yet somehow, it’s still so elegant and so interesting to look at. It’s right here on my desk now, and I can’t stop looking at it.

First of all, there’s the unusual rectangular shape — well, unusual for a Cartier Replica Watch Review, that is. It’s flanked by two voluptuous sides, which are inspired, of course, by an actual tank. Then there’s the crown at 3 o’clock with that deep blue cabochon for decoration.

That color continues through to the blued steel hands, and the signature Roman numerals on the dial top it all off. The Tank Must Solarbeat is oh-so-sexy, but not every Tank is equally so.

When I started the search for the right Cheap Cartier Replica, I found a lot of examples of the previous Tank Solo. Its sides are flattened and the cabochon is less pointy. I would consider it to be more of a men’s watch.

Well, the Cartier Tank Must Solarbeat is exactly that kind of watch! If you pay close attention, you will see the minute hand tick, but that also happens on the regular quartz Tank.

When you do look closely, the numerals on the Cartier Tank Must Solarbeat Replica Watch look like they sink a little bit into the dial. In contrast, the numerals on the other two models have clearly been painted on top of the dial. Again, this is only noticeable from really close up.

The numerals still beautifully reflect the light, just like on the lacquered versions. It’s admirable to see how Cartier was able to ingeniously integrate the solar function into the Tank. But that’s not the only innovation found on this watch.

The Cartier Replica Tank Must Solarbeat comes standard on a vegan-leather strap, which is partly made of apple skin. At first, it looks like there’s a regular spring bar inside, but the retractable pieces sticking out are actually another ingenious addition by Cartier.

To avoid the use of tools to refit the bracelet or any other strap, Cartier best replica watches in the world has cut a tapered slot on the inside of each lug. That way, you can just lay the ends of the spring bar into the slots, push down a little, et voilà! You will still need a screwdriver to size the bracelet, but that’s less likely to happen as frequently as swapping it for a strap.

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