Cartire Replica CL e DE CARTIER SKP Limited Edition Black Watch

Cartire replica, as a pioneer in creative watchmaking, is always able to lead the trend of wrist watch design with its keen sense of smell. In 2015 the Geneva Watch Fair, CL e DE CARTIER key series will be launched by a big success, it is different from the design of circular and rectangular blue balloon series Tank series, breaking the traditional line art to explore new.
Cartire Beijing SKP 10th anniversary CL e DE CARTIER will launch a special celebration of the black watch SKP limited edition watch, limited edition of 8. Simple and smooth lines outline the full and full radian of the watch. With its relentless pursuit of fine detail and exquisite craftsmanship, Cartire gives the timepiece an exquisite look.

On the 35 millimeter black dial, Cartire’s iconic twisted lines highlight a mellow texture. The 67 bright cutting round diamonds that linger outside the Rhodium Plated Platinum watchcase of the 18K are like the stars lit up in the night, shining with a hidden and hidden luster. With the sword shaped rhodium plated steel pointer ticking away in the black dial, the female inner fortitude is more beautiful.

The crown is out of the ordinary, CL e DE CARTIER series of key source of the name, the new mode of operation of the crown to adjust the time and date of the creation of open industry precedent, reminiscent of the use of a key for the traditional cheap replica watches chain.

This replica watches is equipped with Cartire 1847MC workshop, refined automatic chain movement, through the sapphire crystal transparent table back, the movement of precision movement, here also can see one or two.
As the Beijing SKP 10th anniversary celebration special custom table money, this paragraph limit 8. Behind CL e DE CARTIER table, also engraved on the “Beijing SKP” and “2017/n X” (No. n 1 to 9 degrees N degrees, n degrees except 4).

Mellow radian, timeless elegant lines, unique crown and pure atmosphere black appearance, the bearing extraordinary timepiece Cartire abundant creative, worth knowing time female treasure.

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