Cartier replica launched a new cheetah decorative watch

Cartier replica craftsmen really use what kind of technology, can only create this enamel-like glossy, such as micro-painted as vivid watch products? This Ronde Louis Cartier watch bold use of Cartier master craft family of new flame gold process, open up a new field of watchmaking process.


RONDE LOUIS CARTIER flame gold cheetah decorative watch, oversized watch


Cartier 430 MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement

Exquisite charm of the art of fire

Flame gold technology inspired by the metal surface through the heating to change the color of the blue steel pointer process, the operation need to master the precise furnace. A variety of colors with the temperature changes one by one surfaced, blue corresponds to the highest temperature, beige corresponding to the minimum temperature. Master of the first technology in the 18K gold dial engraved or “depicting” delicate barking cheetah fur pattern, and then the gold dial with a flame heating, the first color will emerge. After the need to continue to repeat this process, until the rich and complete color effects. This process not only requires delicate and precise way, but also inseparable from the confident judgment. Each color in the heating process continues to change, a little careless may come to naught.


Deep and charming charm of color

Therefore, the master of technology must always be absorbed, meticulous state. However, the final results can not help but praise: the overall deep color rich, showing from the beige to brown delicate changes, from the leopard ears to the leopard nose, every detail is lifelike! Cheetah fur color and apple-shaped rhodium-plated steel pointer pavilions. Cartier in the table lined with trapezoidal cut diamonds, so that superb master of the process of blooming bright light.

Following the metal beads, enamel beads and gold and silver after the craftsmanship, Cartier fake master craft series added flame gold process. Cartier master crafts workshop from other areas of handicrafts, for the watch into the creative inspiration.

Cheetah senior jewelry watch, meaningful interpretation of Cartier classic logo

Cartier replica watches cheetah sometimes naughty, sometimes noble, sometimes sly, sometimes wild, always have a rich and varied face.

PANTHÈRE ROYALE Cheetah Decorative Watch


Quartz movement
In this Panthère Royale cheetah decorative watch, a cheetah entrenched in the decorating bright cut diamonds on the dial, filling the noble spirit. The image of the cheetah is like a three-dimensional micro-carvings, one can not help but think of Cartier in 1949 for the Duchess of Windsor custom sapphire brooch, it is the first use of cheetah image of Cartier works.

This watch is called the real jewelry Zhenpin, modeling beautiful and beautiful, delicate and delicate decoration. From the bezel to the ring pattern, cheap replica watches inlaid bright diamonds, showing a deep and delicate visual beauty. Leopard body fur decorated with black paint spots, lifelike. Cartier cheetah to proudly gesture, faithful guardian of precious time.

Cheetah complex function watch, witness the senior watchmaking and jewelry craft gorgeous encounter

As Cartier jewelry world iconic animal image, cheetah to the fun of the gesture, the interpretation of a new complex function replica watches us.

PANTHÈRE JOUEUSE Cheetah Decorative Watch


Cartier 9918 MC workshop refined self-winding mechanical movement

Cartier to create a new complex function, the interpretation of wonderful … … cheetah as if from the depths of the dial vividly, to show chasing the ball, play play the innocent face. Movement and leopard body together for one, showing a lively and agile dial landscape. Leopard head and leopard claws show minutes, the ball is displayed hours.

Cartier clever use of diamonds, black lacquered and emerald, with superb jewelry craft will be a new movement and cheetah image combination. Superb craftsmanship of the craft makes Cartier show lifelike three-dimensional cheetah image. Cheetah turned into a timetable, with a secret mechanism, in the dial on the never show a lively attitude.

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